Fall 2008 (11 months late)

I don’t know if its worth going through all this memory lane stuff almost a year after the fact, but I can’t help myself.
I just posted some pictures from August and September 2008 so I offer a brief reflection.

We enjoyed a family adventure vacation out to the Adirondacks and Cleveland for Monica’s wedding(s) [...]

Fourth trimester over

The “fourth trimester” is officially over by all counts (some have it ending after only 6 weeks) so I guess I should be used to living with this little person. The truth is that he seems to be adjusting better than I am.
In the past week, Holden has improved his small toy grabbing; started [...]

Go west, young man and woman

Christmas is over and Heather and I are finally finishing the very last leg of what was supposed to still be our honeymoon. We’re leaving bright and early tomorrow morning from Cleveland with our little Acura, hoping to hit Berkeley, California by Tuesday, January 4th.