Looking back on May and June

May started out with a sad trip back home to my Grandma H’s memorial service. I spoke at her service alongside Chad. I think I said something about squirrels, hummingbirds, and green beans. We miss her so much.
Upon my return, it was a flurry of birthday month activity. Holden turned the big 0-4 and there [...]

Did y'all see the redesign?

Hey friends. I’m working hard to post all the pictures that Uncle Chad has been requesting. In the process, we realized our site was woefully outdated so we did a five-minute redesign.
Funny thing is that he just had his own little baby yesterday, so I don’t know when he’ll find the time to check in [...]

Merry Christmas (of last year)

Last year was our first family holiday in Berkeley. We missed our extended family terribly but thoroughly enjoyed the low-hassle no-travel aspects of this experiment.
Ho ho ho. Merry Christmas. Santa brought our family Rock Band.
Happy Hannukah! We held our annual Pot Latke celebration — I think its the Sixth Annual but don’t quote me [...]