Pre-order the rookie moms handbook!

Whitney and I just got our copies and it’s so fun. Now available on Amazon like any other real book. Wheee.

And now we can exhale a little bit

Don’t get me wrong, we’re still busy and we still can’t sleep past 6:30 am on most days and I’m still not sure how to make dinner that’s any more complicated than scrambled eggs, but we’re also on the other side of our big transition month. Yeehaw!
I started a new job that I really like [...]

The motherload or why doesn’t Heather return my calls?

Apologies to anyone who has had the misfortune to ring our phone between the hours of 3pm and 7pm for the past three weeks. That’s our witching hour and I have no business answering anyway.
What have I been up to? Here are a few things:

Transitioning two little guys into daycare and preschool. Associated hanging [...]