Cousins gone wild

In August, we loaded up our family for a 5 hour flight to Cleveland, an 11ish hour drive to Upstate New York and then a return drive and flight. I wonder if you can see some of that pent-up energy being released in this movie.

Holden and Milo are “playing” with their second cousins: [...]

Reflections on July

I love this picture because it shows how seriously Holden takes his job of protector. I asked him to “make sure Milo doesn’t go outside the yard” and he ran to block the gate.
He stood there with his legs spread and arms akimbo until it was time to give up his duty (or until [...]

Flying Trapeze!

Alec and I had a crazy Saturday… he spent the morning on a long bike ride with friends, we enjoyed a waffle brunch in a lovely backyard (with same friends plus kids, wife, and girlfriend), then spent the late afternoon learning how to fly through the air with the greatest of ease to celebrate our [...]