We are winding down from a busy Cleveland trip. Exhale.

And I’m nerdily testing blog software on the iPhone while Alec clicks away on his laptop. (whoa, that was a lot of thumbing)

Anyway, I’m thrilled to report meeting and holding all of my nieces and nephew since my last post.

Dalia is the eldest and a pixie. Next is Maya, delightfully opinionated. Katie is a brilliant 5.5 months and makes terrific monkey sounds (despite British accent). Casey is a flirty one with mad skills for bird calls. And the youngest one, Shai, is the biggest of all the babies with cheeks just made for smooching.

I do wish we all lived close enough for more regular visits.

I start a new job next week so maybe, just maybe, that will force me to catch up with my photo sharing.

In the meantime, here are H&M at the zoo today.