October in picturesHi there, its me again. Three times in one week. Yep. And I’m not stopping until I’m all caught up. I posted pictures from August and September a few days ago and now, the long-awaited collection from October and November are here.

Some days, I swear it feels like all we do is sit on the couch exhausted after a day of working and parenting. Lame, right?

November in PicturesBut when I look back at a year’s worth of pictures, I can see we’ve gone places (Hawaii, DC, parties) and done some things (trapeze, triathlon, remodel). Is that a good excuse for getting a year behind in my picture-posting: so I could appreciate my life more from a 30,000 foot view?

I would love it if Alec can find the time (but I don’t know where he would) to edit the great documentary of Holden’s first foray into Halloween candy.

You see, we live in Berkeley… so candy of any kind is not a given. And we’re kinda mean… so we eat all the candy after the boys go to bed. And furthermore, despite the fact that we’ve obtained one or more cute Halloween costumes each year, 2008 marked the very first time that Holden (and his lucky kid brother Milo) has ever been trick-or-treating.

Since he was pushing four and already pretty brilliant, we let him keep a fair amount of candy before we snuck it away for our own enjoyment. Here’s some preview footage of him indulging in a sloppy Snickers bar: