I’ve been off the blog for so long now, I almost forgot how to log in. I wondered how to even tiptoe back into it. The cute kids on the banner are so much older now.

I figured that I should probably start with pictures… but I think I have at least six months to catch up on so, that’s unlikely.

So, I’m just dabbling. Putting one single toe in the water.

What are we all up to?
I’m home from work right now while Holden naps. He has a fever (about 100 to 102 depending on when we check) and its been this way for a few days. Milo is no doubt being a charmer at his preschool/daycare and Alec is at work.

More specifically, I’ve been working for a small consulting company since about October on a freelance, parttime-that-feels-like-fulltime basis. The people are great, the work can be pretty fun, and sitting in traffic drives me bonkers. Except for all the NPR I’ve been listening to… that is actually making me quite smart!

The Rookie Mom’s Handbook came out about a year ago. If you know anyone at all who is pregnant or in their first year of parenthood, do everyone a favor and buy it. Buy it now. To round out other rookie moms business, the site is still going strong. And Whitney and I are both writing for a different blog too: SafetyAtHome.

Holden is FOUR now. He’s brilliant and handsome. He’s social and articulate. His favorite birthday gift was a garbage truck (that he’s been asking for since he was two). More about Holden here in this little love letter to him.

Milo is TWO now. He’s sensitive and funny. He’s silly and red-headed. He’s also brilliant. He likes to play with puzzles and animals. The boys get along pretty well, for now, and I think its because they’re so different. Here’s a little love letter to Milo for his birthday.

Alec is pushing 35 but you wouldn’t know it to see him. ;-) He cycles 2-3 mornings a week in the Berkeley Hills with some guys he met through my last job. He runs most of the other mornings. He’s still working in the city for a mid-size startup. I’ll let him tell you more if I can remind him how to use this thing.

And more pictures to follow. And I’ll get better about posting them. Is it too late for a New Year’s Resolution?