Holden is two years and two days old.
Milo is two months and two weeks old.

They’re just getting to know each other and it’s fun to see.

For the most part, Holden is indifferent to the new baby in the house. He has taken to spending more time in his crib lately, enjoying the familiar comforts of his lovey (Leonard the giraffe) and the pacifier but otherwise he’s all the piss and vinegar you’d expect from a spirited two-year-old.

With two little ones, I try to find places that are safe for running and exploring — but also well-fenced in and easy to get to/from the car. A fun afternoon means meeting a few sympathetic friends at a tot playground or well-stocked backyard. Of course, it seems like the days when I schedule afternoon playdates for us, H naps until 4:30 and when I’ve left it open, he’s up at 2:30. Oh well.

Holden occasionally asks to touch, hold, or carry Milo; we make every effort to honor those requests. Some of the photos show the two of them awkwardly sitting side by side on a chair — we did that in lieu of letting Holden carry his twelve-pound brother around the room.

Enjoy the recent photos.

Sincere apologies to George, Mom, and Dave. Our photo server has crashed so the March and April pictures are trapped inside for now. Not forever, we hope.