Almost anyone who knows me knows that I like me some sleep. If you were in school with me, you saw me dozing… if we were work colleagues, I slept through one of your presentations… if we went on a roadtrip, I made you sing at the top of your lungs to keep us awake and alive… if we were at a play or a concert, I shocked you with my dozing power, etc.

Now, these sleep-less nights are rough on the family. Milo cries and I answer. I try to remember who and where I am, then I leap to his rescue with food and comfort. If I’m lucky, he wakes only twice. If I’m lucky, he falls right back to sleep. If I’m lucky the diaper contains itself until morning. Last night I was not so lucky.

He’s cute though and quite a pleasure during the day. He’s starting to coo and cluck, and we might get a real smile any day now. Sometimes he naps on my chest. Sometimes he drifts off in the stroller. And sometimes he falls asleep while in the Baby Bjorn or wrap.

The main challenge during the day is attending to my other beloved son (on said lack of sleep). Yep, Holden is a toddler and he’s good at it. I found this open letter to all toddlers and I think I’ll read it to him when he wakes up from his nap. If he’ll let me.