Family at the discoSaturday night, we had a grand babysitting experiment where we put Holden to bed at Whitney’s then left him and Julian with a babysitter. When we roused him to go home at 10 pm and carried him gently to a darkened and quiet car, his first words were “music on”. So, we chuckled and played him his mellow bedtime music, the Baby Beatles.

The music was sure ON this weekend between Baby Loves Disco on Saturday, a toddler friendly dance party at an actual swanky night club in San Francisco; Music Together on Sunday morning, our regular music class with singing, chanting, and loud instruments; and the Bridge School Benefit, an actual outdoor rock concert that lasted for about 7 hours with Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Death Cab for Cutie, and many more!

At least when we gently carried him to the darkened car on Sunday night (at 9pm!), we seemed to have satisfied his desire for more music. He only wanted his paci and lovey and some quiet.

Pictures from the weekend are not quite ready, but we have fun photos from Month 17 to tide you over.